“I Need Someone to Write My Essay Cheap! Who Do I Hire?”

What do you do when you can’t write an important paper for school? Here’s the right thing to do: try! Spend few sleepless nights, do the work and you’ll get results. Sometimes you try that, but it doesn’t work. Let’s face it: you’re a student; not a superhero. You do the research, you come up with a nice thesis statement, but you get stuck somewhere along the way. In such cases, there’s only one thing left to do: buy cheap essay online.

Finding a cheap essay writing service is not that hard. You just use Google, right? Wrong! In fact, finding the right service that will write a great essay for an affordable price is harder than writing the paper itself.

We’ve heard it from many students before: “I hired this service to write my essay for me cheap, but I didn’t get the paper on time!” Some services deliver the content late. Others deliver plagiarized work or low-quality content. Some don’t deliver anything at all. The scammers in this industry are brutal. You’ll see a great website, you’ll place an order, and you’ll see no trace of that site tomorrow.

That’s why reviews are important. It’s not about ordering the cheapest essay; it’s about finding a high-quality service with prices you can pay. The reviews at our website will help you play it safe.

“How Do You Know Who Can Write My Essay for Cheap?”

We get that question a lot. This is not a reviewing service that goes through different websites and picks the nicest one. Our reviewing process is much more complex. The reviews at our website are based on few criteria:

1) Quality

That’s the main aspect we focus on. When you’re about to spend your money on a new tablet, phone, or even a lipstick, what do you do? You read reviews to find out if this will be money well spent. That’s exactly what you should do when looking for cheap writing services.

All reviews you read at our site are based on experience. We order sample papers to see how the writers perform. We evaluate the quality, uniqueness, and relevance of the content. In addition, we pay attention to the communication with the writer and support. The quality is the main criterion we use when recommending services or warning you about the ones that don’t deserve your attention.


2) Prices

You’re just a student. Your budget is limited. Of course you prefer cheap writing services over expensive ones. Here’s the good news: the most expensive sites are not the best ones. In fact, our experience showed that websites with prices along the average delivered the best work.

What does affordable mean when you’re ordering academic content? Anything below $13 per page is hard to believe. Remember: you want to hire high-quality writers with degrees in the relevant niche. Such professionals value their work. However, that doesn’t mean you should go for the websites that request $100 per page.

In our reviews, you’ll find information about the prices of different services. We’ll also inform you about the discount policy, so you’ll know how much money you’ll save as a new or returning customers. We don’t just recommend cheap essay writing agencies. We recommend the ones that are affordable, but deliver great work for your money. That’s different; it’s called cost-effectiveness.


3) Versatility

When you find the service that delivers the perfect essay for your sociology course, would you prefer hiring the same one for your statistics coursework? Of course you would! That’s why the range of services is an important criterion in our reviews. We want you to find a service that can do it all, so you’ll save a lot of time and nerves when ordering projects in future.


4) Support System and Overall Security

The last thing you want is order a paper and stay in doubt: “will I ever get it?” High-quality services have strong support systems. The representatives are available to answer questions and offer guidance 24/7. In addition, the best services enable direct contact between the writer and the customer. That’s the kind of service everyone wants to hire.

We also review the overall security of the websites. You need policies that protect your privacy and ensure a safe investment.

The Countdown: The Top 5 Writing Services to try

  1. College-Paper.org

First of all, the website is user-friendly and very reliable. You can place an order within minutes. We received an outstanding paper from this service. The writer kept us updated throughout the completion of the order and he made sure we liked the results. Although revisions were not needed, we asked for minor changes just to see how the service functioned in such situations. The writer immediately accepted our requirement and delivered the improved version of the paper in less than two hours. That’s the kind of service we’d recommend.

The range of services is great, too. You can get all kinds of academic writing projects, including essays, research papers, reaction papers, presentations, articles, movie reviews, and more. In addition, the service offers help with statistics projects, programming, multiple choice questions, and other assignments. Admission services, dissertations and theses are also available, as well as editing help for all types of papers.

As for the prices, this is what we call an affordable writing service. The quotes for essays range from $19.99 to $52.99 per page. You get free features, such as editing, VIP support, and top writer when you combine the right level of quality with some of the deadline options. Plus, College-Paper.org gives you 25% off your first order. You’ll keep getting discounts as a returning user.

  1. A-Writer.com

Elite essay writing quality at affordable prices.” That’s the motto of this service. After seeing the paper we got from these writers, we couldn’t have said it better. The writer was non-stop available. She delivered just what we expected to see: a paper suitable for an A at college.

The available services are clearly listed at the website. Essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, case studies… everything is available. The company has hired writers from various subject areas, so you can practically order any paper at the website.

There are only two levels of quality in the price chart: Standard and Premium. The prices per page range from $21.99 to $49.99. That’s affordable in our book. You get free features with some deadlines, and you always get discounts! New customers get 25% off.

  1. BestEssayTips.com

This is another cheap writing service that delivers awesome quality. We ordered an essay with a deadline of 5 days, and guess what: it was ready in 3 days. Don’t worry; they didn’t charge extra for the early delivery. The quality of the paper was great and it didn’t need any revisions. The customer support system works without delays.

All kinds of papers are available in different subject areas, so there’s no need to go looking for another service if you like the quality and service at BestEssayTips.com. The company also hired professional editors. The paper we got was formatted and referenced to perfection.

The prices? This is one of the most affordable services that still deliver decent quality. An essay costs from $13.99 to $43.99 per page. You also get free features of great values. The discounts are there, too! Your first order comes with 25% off, and you’ll be getting 5%, 10% or 15% off as a returning user.

  1. ProEssayWriting.com

ProEssayWriting is one of the coolest services we’ve tried. The communication with the writer was smooth. He followed all instructions and gave us suggestions on what else could be included in the paper. The final result was just perfect. The customer support was available via live chat 24/7, but the writer was also there to answer our messages.

The list of services includes all papers a student could need. Coursework, thesis, research paper, dissertation, essay… they deliver everything. The service also sets writing challenges, so you can take part with your own entry and earn a valuable prize.

We were happy with the price; it falls within our limits of affordable. The prices for essays start from $19.99 and go up to $52.99 per page. You get a discount of 20% for your first order, and you’ll keep getting reduced prices when you go back.

  1. AussiEssay.com

What is an Aussie site doing in the list of international writing service providers? Well, Australian sites are always cheaper, but the quality of this one is great. There’s no problem for a UK or U.S. student to use it. We got a perfect essay by the deadline. We asked the writer to maintain U.S. style, and that’s exactly what he did. The customer service representatives were very nice. They answered our messages instantly.

The list of services is impressive. In addition to the standard college and university papers, AussiEssay also delivers SWOT analysis, marketing plan, business plan, capstone project, short story, and more.

We really liked the prices. It’s one of the most affordable services we’ve tried. Essays are available from $12.62 to $43.82 per page. As a new customer, you’ll get 20% off.

All these sites on our top list have great advantages. Have you used any of them? Share your experience!